Cleaning Protocol

COVID-19 - Cleaning Protocol


In light of the new world we now live in with Covid-19 here are our cleaning practices that we use at Coverley House.  We have always maintained a very high standard on cleanliness at the villa so there were very few changes that we needed to make in order to comply with the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centre for Disease Control.)

-After check out of guests all linens are changed and thoroughly washed in hot water. 

-All light switches, door handles, remotes, blinds or other frequently touched surfaces are wiped down with an approved disinfectant.

-All bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned thoroughly with approved disinfectants.

-Silverware, cups, plates, bowls and other daily use kitchen items are all run through the dishwasher in between guests.

-We keep a full stock of cleaning supplies in the kitchen as well as Lysol wipes in both bathrooms and hand sanitizer in the villa for guests use.

-Bathrooms and Kitchen are equipped with liquid soap.

-A spray bottle of disinfectant is at the front door and we recommend that upon arrival from the airport or being out and about guests spray the bottoms of their shoes with it.

-Our property manager leaves her shoes outside upon arrival at the villa and has a specific pair she wears well she is at the villa for cleaning.  She washes her hands thoroughly before starting any of her cleaning at the villa.  This reduces any risk of her bringing anything into that space.  She also cleans with gloves, a mask and cleaning apron on to protect herself. These items are specifically worn for cleaning at the villa.

-Included in your weekly stay is a light housekeeping and linen change.  This is for your benefit to keep things fresh, tidy and disinfected.  You do not need to be present for this but if you would like to be you are welcome to.