Bring Your Own Food  

Many guests ask us if there are any food items that they should pack and bring along with them.  This is a list of items we have taken ourselves and also other guests suggestions.  Please modify to your own needs, number of guests, if your travelling with kids, how much you will be eating out and how long your stay is.  If you are staying an extended time you can purchase a meat permit for $25.00 BDS to be able to bring in 25lbs of meat-details available online.

Any items left behind by guests Harriett leaves on a shelf in the pantry so most often there is a selection of spices, salt & pepper etc.

  • coffee & tea
  • pancake mix & syrup, jam
  • ketchup, salad dressings, mayonnaise & other favorite condiments
  • cheese, butter, can of tuna or salmon
  • cereal or granola
  • crackers, chips, microwave popcorn and other snack foods
  • spaghetti noodles & sauce, rice
  • pepperettes & jerky
  • gluten free needs (they do have this in the grocery store but is quite pricy.)
  • dishwasher tablets, small container of laundry detergent, extra toilet paper (there will be a couple rolls in each bathroom but if staying an extended time.) Paper towels, aluminum foils, Ziploc bags.

There is a great grocery store in Oistins that really has everything you could need.  Just remember anything that has to be shipped in will be more expensive than you would pay at home, that is why we have listed some of those items to bring if you have room.  There is also a great outdoor fruit and vegetable market in Oistins that is very reasonable.  You will often see stands at the side of the road so that works great and lets you try the local produce.

Home Cooking

As an option if you want to dine in many guests have been enjoying arranging through Harriett to have her daughter come in to the villa and cook you some Bajan cuisine! Rave reviews on this from guests, great food and generous portions!


Eating Out

There are so many restaurants and bars we haven't had a chance to try yet, so if you do and recommend any, please let us know so we can try them too and add them to our list!